FIRST FRIDAY CONCLAVES now co-sponsored by SAC and ZONE A of GSMOL.  They are educational, training and social events for mobilehome owners. Presently, attendance is running in the 70s, as homeowners from nearly 20 different parks attend each month.  

   The first hour is workshop, when we teach how to read and interpret the MRL (Civil Codes governing MH Park living), how to deal with management, how to document a problem issue so it will stand up in court, if need be.

   Then, we have a speaker of note ... an MRL attorney, a Lobbyist, HCD official, CPI/COLA expert, home repair expert, etc., talk with us during the second hour.

   These are FREE and open to all mobilehome park residents.  Bring us your in-park issue and we'll offer suggestions for dealing with it.

   Read below for location and more info.


September 7th will feature guest  speaker CONNIE JOHNSON from the department of emergency preparedness.  

   Most Park plans are very minimal and don't address internal, homeowner evacuation or care such as homebound, mobility-challenged, etc.  Ms Johnson  will talk about these aspects of Emergency Evacuation/Preparedness in MHPs.    

   Deadline to reserve is Wednesday, Oct 3rd. Email Michele at or phone John at 916-500-1485.   Event begins promptly at 11, ends by 1:30 with 15 minute break about Noon.  

   See article below for more detail.


      Mr Eric Guerra of the Senate Select Committee on Manufactured Home Communities (Senator Connie Leyva), will be our Special Guest.  He will tell us what's going on at the Capitol that can impact our mobilehome lifestyle.

   Senator Leyva's office is the one which publishes the MRL, so bring your questions about our civil codes and Eric will answer them.  

   Be sure to sign up by the Wednesday before (Sep 5) to be assured of seating.  Email Michele at or phone John at 916-500-1485.

   CONCLAVES begin at 11 AM and end promptly at 1:30 PM.

   See article below for more detail.

CONCLAVE  ... NOV 2, 2018

   MS RACHEL BACA of Senior Legal Services will be our guest speaker.  Want to know how they can help you with your in-park issues?  Come find out.  Bring your questions about legal services for seniors and low income homeowners.

   Deadline for Reservations is Oct 31 (no trick-or-treat, please) by emailing Michele at:, or phone John at (916) 500-1485.

   See article below for more detail.

Dine at Dennys - 122 Sunrise Blvd, Roseville

  Our CONCLAVEs happen during lunch so you may buy a drink or a dinner.  If you belong to AARP, show your card as you pay and get a 15% discount.

   Or, you don't have to dine, just join us.  It's entirely up to you.

FREE at each CONCLAVE: MRL, MH LIVING magazines, the GSMOL CALIFORNIAN and other FREE stuff!

   The Mobilhome Residency Laws are found in the MRL. It contains 99% of our California Civil Codes relating to our rights.  These civil codes which protect and give us our rights, are the  result of hard work by volunteer homeowners like you, as members of GSMOL, over the past six decades..

  We get them free from the state, and share them with you.  Don't forget to pick up your copy, FREE, at any CONCLAVE !

   Mobilehome Magazine is also free as is a copy of the current CALIFORNIAN, official publication of GSMOL.