Onsite Managers



Bullying & Disrespect

   There are always Managers who are  bullies, who are disrespectful and who threaten homeowners.  When you enconter them it's time to begin  documenting your encounters.  There is no place for this in any mobilehome community, especially from the people to whom we pay our rent.

    Begin by always have a witness with you when in the presence of the bully.  If the manager says you can't bring that person with you, then don't you stay there, either.  You are entitled to bring with you anyone you wish.

    When you get home, write about the conversation, have your witness co-sign your note that they witness what you wrote about.

   Talk with neighbors because you are not the only one being bullied.  Then work as a group and get  3 or more with 2 or more incidents/examples.

   Then your group composes a letter to park owners or management company, complete with your documentation.

   If park owners don't remedy the situation, you'll have to get an attorney involved.

   Call us and we will refer you to an attorney.  If you are a member of GSMOL you are entitled to a special member-rate if their attorney takes your case.




   They say 'attitude is everything', and they're right.  Your attitude and the manager's attitude.

    Building a relationship with your manager(s) is always important.

   Park Managers wield a lot of influence on what happens to you in your park...remember that, always.

    Their job is to enforce the rules, collect the rent and maintain the common areas of the park.

    Your job is to follow the rules, pay your rent and mainain your property.

    If you can't and don't get along with management you could be in trouble.  They hold the power to evict you.

    So, because you are in this together, it is important to get along.


    If you have an issue, put it in writing, don't just tell the manager about it.  

    Keep a record, record all dates, times and other important details.

     Courts want evidence and you must document your case if you are to win.

    Send in your complaint saying: a) what is the problem, b) what rule or state law does it violate, c) when did it happen, d) what do you want done about it and e)when do you wish an     answer from management telling what they will do about it.


    If you don't get an answer in a reasonable time, take a copy of that same letter complete with pictures, put a cover letter on it and send it to the management company or the owner...whoever did not get the first one.

   Appeal to them to help you.


    Now you are ready to have a qualified MRL attorney review your case and help you prepare for court.

    GSMOL members get a deeply discounted hourly rate to use the corporate attorney.  Check with your ZONE VP for a referral.


    Just before you file your case with Small Claims or the local court, give the park one more chance to resolve your issue.

    Let them know you are ready for court but in fairness, you want them to have one more chance at it.


    Now, you go to court if the park does not respond to resolution of your issue.

   Good Luck!

         ---end of article---